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Recyclable receipts, for an increasingly GREEN campsite

Of course this will not be the choice that will save the planet from pollution but if everyone made a small sacrifice, if everyone were attentive to the small details that surround us every day we could take a big step towards sustainability.

Not everyone knows this, but the receipts issued by every business and therefore all of us handle on a daily basis are not recyclable and must be thrown in the unsorted collection.

It has always seemed impossible to us that such an important quantity of paper must by law be polluting.

Recently, however, we have come to know that there is an ecological alternative that everyone, with simple precautions to operate on the printers and with an additional cost in the purchase, could adopt in complete safety.

In addition to being completely recyclable in paper, they have a second and not insignificant advantage, that of being 100% natural and therefore of being able to come into contact with food without compromising its edibility.

Considering the low price and the significant benefits of having a clearer conscience, we couldn't help but order a full season supply of these blue-colored receipts.

Attention therefore dear guests do not forget to recycle our receipts!

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