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wild and free or extra comfort beaches, choose as you feel 


Beach 3 km far from the campsite at the foot of the beautiful medieval town Fiorenzuola. Access is allowed only on foot or by shuttle bus which runs from the village to the beach. Really beautifull.

This is the beach below the campsite. 1 Km walk and you will find yourself in a corner of "paradise." In certain weather conditions you seem to be in the Caribbean. On the other hand it is not easy to reach but it means it is not crowded

Beautiful Bay in the Natural Park it is just 2.5 Km from the campsite. It is the only bea easily accessible by car, and the only that offers services and restaurants on the beach.


Large beach south of Pesaro. At about 15 km from the campsite. You can choose between free o served beach

In the extreme south of the Natural Park you will find this wide green stretch of beach with all the comforts. Hugely popular with families due to the green grass playground behind the beach where stationed rides and where you can have a pleasant picnic


Walk on the path between the sea and green hills


A walk in the Marche countryside of the Park to enjoy the wonders of nature,like this spectacular olive tree that shows his heart


The entire natural park is a large promontory overlooking the sea and the walks offer landscapes and emotions that can be found in a few other parks


whether it's a real hike or a short walk you can enjoy the magnificent harmony that reigns in the park between land and sea


Landscapes like those in the image open at every turn for cycling and hiking enthusiasts


Surrounded by a land rich in history, castle and medieval villages


Directly inside the park there are two magnificent villas that can be visited with guided tours.

Villa Reale and Villa Caprile

In few minutes, just at the end of the Park, you will find all the entertainment, leisure and carefree atmosphere of the Riviera. But when you've had enough in less than no time, you can relax in a tent or bungalow in a green oasis and peace like you're far away from civilized world


Near the campsite you will find an area rich in villages and buildings of great historical value like the Castle of Gradara in 5 min from the camping

fiorenzuola 2019.jpg

Also within the park it is worth visiting the medieval towns of Casteldimezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara. Two small pearls overlooking the sea

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