We will help you in everything you need. Feel like home but on holiday

The campsite is completely immersed in the nature of the Parco del colle S.Bartolo. More than 1000 trees and dozens of different woods make the landscape special and never monotonous

We offer our guests a simple but genuine catering service, paying close attention to the quality of the ingredients. Just like home.
Now our pizza is renowned for goodness and quality

Camping Paradiso is located on one of the most sought roads for cycling and running. Run or ride your bike among the scents of the park and wonderful views of the sea and the green hills


Our pool is designed for relaxation and fun for the little ones. Refreshed pleasantly in a unique natural setting and magnificent panorama

For years we have been focusing on sustainable tourism that is integrated with the environment. The camp uses renewable sources for the production of hot water and energy as well as disposing of waste with particular attention to recycling. Also the waters of the services are regenerated through phytodepuration and used for gardening

Our Family your Team


Father, He started the camping in 1985. He is not working anymore but you can still see him taking care of it


Mum, she has grown up three children and the campsite. Now she is helping her sons and directs the cleaning team


Older brother, worked on the camping since the beginning now responsible for administration


Second child he loves sports and nature. Lifeguard at the swimmingpool and responsable of green care 

Cristina and Fabio

Younger daughter and his husband, she is at the reception and both at the bar pizzeria where Fabio makes our famous pizza

Camping PARADISO  via Rive del Faro, 2 - 61121 - Pesaro (PU) - ITALIA - info@campingparadiso.it 

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