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doubts? check our faq and you will not have any nasty surprises

  • Is there a minimum of day to stay?
    For pitches arriving without a reservation, there are no minimum nights. By booking in advance there may be minimum stays depending on the period in which you are interested. In general, it is also possible to book for periods shorter than the minimum required (obviously in the event of availability) if the booking is made less than two days before Check In In any case, if you arrive with a reservation, the balance of the entire booked stay must be paid on arrival.
  • Do we need to book a pitch or a lodge to stay on the camping?
    No, it is not necessary. If you want to be free to leave when you want you can stay on the camping also without a booking choosing between the available spot or bungalow
  • What happen if i have paied the full period and than i have to leave before ?or after paying the deposit I cannot reach the camping for personal reason?
    When we take a reservation it means that we do not accept other reservation for that accommodation. So if a guest cannot come or stay for the hole booked period we cannot refund any cost. The reason is clear. That's why we arranged an agreement with an important European insurance company. For a very small price you can have an insurance against a lot of problem that can occur before leaving or during your holiday. Follow this link to subscribe an insurance . Please note that our camping plays no role in this insurance service. Any activation of the insurance coverage does not involve the campsite management in any case. Do your count and decide if it is convenient or useful for you
  • Is the chek in always possible?
    Check in is always allowed when the reception is open (8 -12 and 15.30 -19). From 12 to 13.30 and from 19 to 23 a fast check in ia allowed. We will just collect your identity documents and show you your accommodation. Registration will be made as the reception opens. Of course the accommodation you want have to be free to check in. If you have a reservation we guarantee the accommodation from 15.30pm. On July and August is not allowed to enter with motor vehicle between 13.30 and 15.30 and between 23.00 and 7.00
  • Do we have to leave our identity documents at the reception
    No you don't. Only if the reception is closed at the moment of the check in we will collect your documents till you complete the registration later in the office.
  • Do we need to show identity documents of every one?
    No, if you are family only one documents is needed but the law ask us to record the data of all the components. For foreign people sometime is better to show us documents from every one instead of telling data. If you have a reservation it is possible to fill all your data on line before arriving. The registration will be much faster and easyer because we only have to see one documents as confirmation
  • Is possible to rent a bike on the camping?
    Yes we are affiliated with a specialized operator who brings the bike directly at the campsite. Specialized in Elettrical bike. UPDATE. After covid emergency this service is still available but now there are a lot of request so it is better to reserve bike some days before
  • Which are the booking rules?
    For reservations made directly with us you can operate in two ways: through our online booking engine or by email. Through the online booking you can know prices and availability in an autonomous and fast way. To confirm the reservation, a credit card is required and the confirmation takes place in a few minutes By email instead you can get answers to doubts or special needs but you have to wait for our reply which we usually send in less than 24 hours. After receiving the offer, acceptance by the guest is required. Once the actual availability has been checked, we will send a provisional confirmation waiting to receive the deposit by credit card or bank transfer within three days Both channels offer the same prices. Upon arrival at the facility at the time of check-in, the balance of the entire booked stay will be required and no refund will be provided for any days not used for reasons independent of the management
  • Where can i find the full regulalation of the camping?
    The full regulation is published every year on our depliant. You can find it on paper at the reception or in electronic format (pdf) following this
  • Which are the privacy policy?
    Our privacy policy are published on this web site. Follow this LINK to find it. The processing of customer data is explained in detail at the link indicated. In a nutshell, however, we want to tell you that we do not disclose any personal data of any kind. The data collected is used only for legal obligations relating to public safety or to provide the services requested of us. We do not pass data to third-party companies and we do not use them for advertising campaigns or for mass sending of emails.
  • Is there toilette paper and soap in campings bathrooms?
    No, as in any real campsite, the camper must be equipped with everything needed for the stay
  • Is the camping situated directly on the sea?
    No, it isn't. We are 150m on the level of the sea overlooking the sea. There are 3 beaches in the sorroundings far from 1 to 3 Km from the camping
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